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Cookies By The Dozen

Cookies By The Dozen

The cookies you know and love from our storefront are available for online purchase by the dozen! With a 5 day notice, you can have a whole dozen baked just for you and in the flavor you want! No more waiting for your favorite to roll around on our rotating in-shop menu, wahoo! Pricing by the dozen breaks down to buying 11 and getting the 12th for free. What a sweet deal!

Cookies by the dozen also have tray packaging available, which makes them perfect for taking them as a host gift, to an office meeting, or any holiday event! Additionally, you can have cookies individually heat sealed and bagged for ease of serving, handing out, longer lasting freshness, or protection of flavors.  Add 1 large custom decorated sugar cookie to the center packaging to really tie the theme together, like for a birthday, holiday, or gradutation! A decorated themed sugar cookie is only available when adding on tray packaging. If no tray packaging is purchased, cookies will come in a bakery box. Heat sealed and bagged cookies come in a bakery box.



Chocolate Chip - Our classic chocolate chip cookie made with 3 types of chocolate chips and chunks and sprinkled with flakey sea salt. Well balanced in flavor, and well balanced in textures with both a crispy exterior and a soft interior, this one sure does make us proud!


Double Chocolate - All the goodness of our chocolate chip cookie but with the addition of cocoa for an unltra rich, brownie-esc, cookie experience!


Unicorn - A soft and buttery cookie with white chocolate chips, funfetti cake sprinkles, and chocolate sixlet candies. It's a party in cookie form! Why is it called a Unicorn? Because why not?! It's magical!


Peanut Butter - A brown sugar butter base with pieces of chopped peanut butter chocolate cups, peanut butter chips, and chunks of peanut butter stuffing throughout, this sweet and salty cookie is an all time customer fave!


Butter Pecan - Buttery and sweet, this cookie has mini chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and toasted pecan pieces throughout. Yuuum! Don't forget the sprinkle of salt!


M+M - A classic for a reason, this chocolate chip cookie cake is made all the better with the addition of sweet and crispy M+M candies throughout. 


The Mac Datty - The ultimate ooey, gooey, buttery, goodness of a cookie! This flavor bomb is filled with decadent toffee bits, chopped macadamia nuts, and pieces of soft, carmelized, chewy dates. SO GOOD! 


Matcha Strawberry - This darling flavor is naturally green tinted from the matcha in the dough, and is dotted with white chocolate chips and pieces of real strawberry baked right in! It's sweet, earthy, lucious, and just different enough than your average cookie, but still with all the yummy and familiar notes of cookies we all know and love.

Trail Mix - You've never had an oatmeal cookie quite like this before! Our Trail Mix cookie has a spiced oatmeal base and then is jam packed with 7 delicious add ins! Raisens, Cranberries, Cherries, Butterscotch Chips, Mini Chocolate Chips, Almonds, and Pecans all round out this cookie to make the ultimate sweet snack!


Gluten Free Chocolate Chip - A delcious buttery, chocolate chip filled, cookie with all the classic flavor, but none of the gluten! *We are not a dedicated Gluten Free or Allergen facility; made on and baked in shared equipment.*

PLEASE NOTE : Cookie By The Dozen are available for pick up Wednesday - Sunday but NEED TO BE ORDERED AHEAD. We require a 5 day notice but can sometimes accommodate sooner; please call the shop before purchasing IF NEEDED SOONER THAN 5 DAYS. 971.287.7171

  • Ordering Details

    Cookies By The Dozen need to be ordered ahead of time; we ask for a 5 day notice. If needed sooner, please call the shop to discuss as sometimes we can accommodate .971.287.7171. 

    All sales are final. Our business is custom in nature and revolves around edible items. Due to both of these details, all sales are final, non returnable, and non transferable. Non transferable means that if you purchase an item and then cancel it, that cost does NOT go towards a future order. That cost is forfeited. The only way your funds will be returned to you is if we can not take on your order due to our schedule being booked. Ordering in advance with as much time as you can better ensures our availability.

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