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The Story

Chad & Cat on their wedding day...on a roller coaster! They've been up for an adventure from the get-go!

Sewell Sweets Artisan Cakes started as Cat's dream when she was just a child. Cat has been finding creative solace in the kitchen since before she can remember, in both cooking and baking. Being raised by a single parent, having limited funds, and being home alone often left to entertain herself, Cat was always thinking up unique ways to make a few dollars so that she could supply her many crafting hobbies. Whether it was selling her stashed away Halloween candy to friends months

later, or convincing neighbors and family friends to buy her drawings and clay works, Cat was bit by the entrepreneurial bug from a very young age! At just 13 years old, Cat realized that her painting, clay work, and love for the kitchen all perfectly came together in the art of baking and decorating; and thus the obsession and dream began. Being a natural born foodie, quality has always reigned supreme with scratch recipes being the standard from day one!

It's been since that young age that Cat has dreamt to one day open a storefront cake shop. With an incredible amount of determination and hard work over the many years, plus the most supportive partner imaginable, Cat (and her husband Chad) finally opened Sewell Sweets as a public storefront in November of 2022. Prior to this opening, Sewell Sweets was operational out of private and licensed kitchens for 9 years. Chad runs the front of the shop and does so wonderfully, bringing his vast experience of customer service and management from his past career. He's the friendly face you'll see waving at you as you walk by the big shop windows, offering you a sample. Cat runs the back of the shop, along with a small team, to create the daily offerings and custom orders.

From selling her first cake at age 13, to opening the storefront at age 31, Cat Sewell's life has been

The day The Sewells signed the storefront lease in August of 2022! The space has come a long way with all the renovations they did!

dedicated to her craft. Getting to share that passion with the Salem community is something that we as a Sewell Family are extremely proud of! We plan to be around for a very long time and can't wait to see what traditions we become a part of and the memories we make with our sweet clients. Please come visit the shop and enjoy a bit of our family's hard work and dedication to this sweet slice of life!

The Sewells

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